Direct Contact

At the end of the day, Conner Media Group is a group of sales professionals in a variety of fields. We have vast experience selling in fields such as advertising, home improvement, web marketing, consulting, and more. We are experts at closing transactions for our clients via direct contact.

Telemarketing/Outbound Calling:

We have a full telemarketing staff that specializes in setting appointments, closing sales, and generating leads. From script building to lead generation, we are your experts. Already have a sales staff? That’s great because we generate leads and appointments so they can spend time closing sales and running appointments instead of prospecting. We can start small for a test run as well.

Direct Sales:

Do you have a great product or service but simply do not have success selling it? No need to worry because we can help. Whether you need a team of phone sales reps or a team of   sales reps in the field, we are masters at putting together the procedures and processes to get your sales functions in high gear. We can start sales teams from scratch, or enhance the efforts of your existing staff.